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sketchy mcsketch   
02:54am 12/08/2005
  College. I'm going there, It should be fun. YAY!

This is the first time I've even looked at my journal in what seems like YEARS. Sorry journal. Not that anyone is reading this stupid thing anyways. Lots of stuff has happened in the past few months. I graduated, and all that jazz...and I can't really remember what else because it's like two o'clock in the morning. so I'll return later and fill you all in on the juicy details of my life...

I'm at Stephanie's house with the girls, and it's a grand old time. The last time we'll be able to hang out before we all leave for school sob. Mmmk...night.
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chocolate popcorn is for...wierdos   
01:36pm 16/05/2005
mood: frustrated
Don't you hate it when things get awkward between you and your friends? I have this friend (who shall remain nameless), and I try so hard to make things work...but every time I hang out with her, it just seems like I'm forcing myself to be someone I'm not. i.e. her friend.

We've had great times, don't get me wrong. But now...It just seems like we're growing apart. Or at least I'm growing away from her, as she stays in the same place, not noticing that everyone else around her leaves.

I hate pretending. I hate feeling like this. I hate this whole situation.

Which is why, I'm typing this on her computer as she watches the third Harry Potter movie, with 2 other people, and they eat chocolate covered popcorn.

What's wrong with me? Is college going to make this situation better or worse?
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12:17am 13/05/2005
  I like a boy. surprise surprise. He calls me a dork, I call him a loser. I think this is the start to a very beautiful relationship.  
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Mormon boys are the CUTEST!   
11:02pm 18/03/2005
mood: flirty
hah. went to Jessica & Sarah Lamoureux's 18th birthday party...and had the best time of my life. Their mom is so cool, and their dad is too. Haha. someone had a laser pointer, and their cat chased after it...i got pictures....

but tonight was once again a testament to how cool my friends are, and how cute mormon boys are...and that i think boys who have girlfriends are way more awesome than they should be. :-\

oh well, still a great night.

BTW... I made the play
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Fie on this (to put it lightly)...and stay off my nuts or else!   
08:57pm 08/03/2005
mood: bitchy
Made inthe 8ties [8:49 PM]: omg!
Made inthe 8ties [8:49 PM]: i hate my mother
Made inthe 8ties [8:49 PM]: she's pissing me off SOO much right now. i just wanna b like "STFU!"
CayCayLOVEsYOU [8:49 PM]: what happened?
Made inthe 8ties [8:50 PM]: my cousin is staying with us
Made inthe 8ties [8:50 PM]: for like 3 weeks
Made inthe 8ties [8:50 PM]: or until his grades come up
Made inthe 8ties [8:50 PM]: so it could b more than 3 week
Made inthe 8ties [8:50 PM]: s
Made inthe 8ties [8:50 PM]: and he's 16
Made inthe 8ties [8:50 PM]: and goes to MBK..
Made inthe 8ties [8:50 PM]: and is SO annoying after being here for 3 days
Made inthe 8ties [8:51 PM]: the first 2 were ok...but he's always around. and i'm so used to (for the last like...6 years of my life) having my own time, and not having always around me.
Made inthe 8ties [8:51 PM]: and no one asking me questions
Made inthe 8ties [8:51 PM]: and he's like....ALWAYS THERE. and i'm being polite. but i just want to be like. "dude. go the F away!"
Made inthe 8ties [8:51 PM]: *sighs*
Made inthe 8ties [8:51 PM]: and my mom is bn super anal now about my grades
CayCayLOVEsYOU [8:52 PM]: :-/
Made inthe 8ties [8:52 PM]: b/c apparently i'm supposed to be leading by example. and i'm like "dang. if he needs someone to be led by. have him stay with someone who has a straight A student as a kid"
Made inthe 8ties [8:52 PM]: and get off my nuts
CayCayLOVEsYOU [8:52 PM]: lol
Made inthe 8ties [8:52 PM]: so i've been arguing with her since she called when i was at your house
Made inthe 8ties [8:52 PM]: haha
Made inthe 8ties [8:52 PM]: Over really stupid stuff, and i've been all pissy,and i'm hoping they'll get the picture and leave me alone. i'm like really stressed out right now
Made inthe 8ties [8:53 PM]: and i'm like "i'm so happy i don't have a little brother or sister. becuase if this is what it feels like..i would've killed them by now"
Made inthe 8ties [8:53 PM]: and she was just like "can you help him with his biology?" and i'm like "no. kim's in bio. now (in college)"
Made inthe 8ties [8:53 PM]: and she's like. that's college bio
CayCayLOVEsYOU [8:54 PM]: lol
Made inthe 8ties [8:54 PM]: and i'm like. i haven't taken it in 2 years, so I definately don't know what I'm doing, and Kim's in it now...but might not be on the same chapter as him...so we're both in the same position. and i'm not his freaking tutow
Made inthe 8ties [8:54 PM]: tutor
Made inthe 8ties [8:54 PM]: it was your idea for him to stay here...so you should handle all that stuff
Made inthe 8ties [8:54 PM]: *sighs* wow...now that that's off my chest. i feel a crap load better...and I can get breakfast tomorrow morning...
CayCayLOVEsYOU [8:55 PM]: lol
Made inthe 8ties [8:55 PM]: :)

I love Caylyn...she just sat there and listened to me rant about nothing...well...not nothing.

TALENT SHOW ON THURSDAY NIGHT @ 7:00-9:00...you all better be there! b/c i'm in it *smiles*
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Right on!   
10:24am 05/03/2005
mood: artistic
In Shavar's words, "Black History Month wasn't celebrated in February, so we're rescheduling it to March." Guess what people? It's March. lol

Black in America ~ author unknown

They take my kindness for weakness
They take my silence for speechless
They consider my uniqueness strange
They call my language slang
They see my confidence as conceit
They see my mistakes as defeat
They consider my success accidental
They minimize my intelligence to "potential"
My questions mean I'm unaware
My advancement is somehow unfair
Any praise is preferential treatment
To voice concern is discontentment
If I stand up for myself, I'm too defensive
If I don't trust them, I'm too apprehensive
I'm deviant if I separate
I'm fake if I assimilate
My character is constantly under attack
Pride for my race makes me "TOO BLACK"
Other than the above I am treated like everyone else
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on top of the world. sort of   
08:07pm 03/03/2005
mood: happy
I'm in the Talent Show, I made Callbacks for the Musical...and I have the craziest friends in the world. woo hoo for me.

Today we had a SADD meeting, and Erica and I renamed everyone. Hah!
Erica= Bridget
Me= Jaelyn
Tiffany= Caitlyn
Kristen= Nicole
Stephanie= Alice
Steven= Lucas
Will= Brice (haha. he hated it)
Drew= SVEN!!!!! (lol. our swedish hearthrob)
Spanky= Bryan. hah.

I swear...we had the most fun renaming all the boys.

Quotes of the day:
Me: Welcome to Physics. If the answer looks right...it's wrong. If the answer looks wrong...it's still wrong.

Me (to Shawnee): Malleri just licked your ass...
Shawnee: huh?
*me, caylyn and josh laugh*
Me: Your belly button smells like ass...therefore your belly button ring smells like ass. And you just gave Malleri the ball from your ring to put on her tounge ring. So her tounge was on your Ass by default.
Malleri (turns to Shawnee): It was good for me, how about you?
Shawnee: Yeah. the best ever!

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Class...please repeat after me "My life is amazing!"   
11:08pm 11/02/2005
mood: pleased
just got home and i am sooooo tired. Opening night of the One Acts New Acts, New Faces III, and we thought we weren't going to be ready, but we were.

Happy Ending, the play i was in went so smooth. And when we did mix up lines, or add lib, no one noticed.

Jamila...One step closer with Operation E!

the one thing that would make my life that much sweeter right now is to have a Valentine....or for Valentine's Day to go away altogether.

*and scene*
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on a writing spree.   
11:43am 28/01/2005
mood: artistic
Rhythm & Blues
by: Jessica Booker

It seems like every time I try to fly, I fall
Try to move, I stall
Try to grow at all, I fail.
Like when a trick goes wrong you bail.
It seems like nothing ever changes,
Though life, it rearranges,
Like magical ink on pages.
But nowadays, proving ground takes ages,
And these lines we draw they fade,
Like summer heat in shade,
Like thirst to lemonade.
My vision here is blurred,
I know it seems absurd,
Given what you’ve heard.
It’s like every other word, is wrong,
Like in an Ashlee Simpson song,
Or a Children’s sing-a-long;
But I think I might just pass,
On being Alice, through the looking glass,
And even if you ask, I won’t tell.
It’s like a turtle without its shell,
It’s sad I know, but well…
What can I say?
People like me happen everyday, and
It makes you want to cry,
Though you don’t know why,
‘cause every time I try to fly
I fall.

Every time you say it’s love, it’s not.
You think you’re so hot.
Like the big man on campus who’s calling all the shots.
But that’s not true,
Running around like you don’t know what to do,
Like a chicken with its head cut off.
You may laugh and scoff at these little jokes I make,
“I’ll stand firm in the midst of an earthquake
I can bend, and I won’t break”.
Well I’ve got a newsflash for you ‘doll’.
You’re not Superman at all,
And even though the risk of injury is far from small,
You still may be able to survive the fall.
Bouncing around like a game of Pong,
Trying to sing a stupid little love song,
Sorry, but the road to my heart is well over a mile long
You try to wave a white flag, like a white dove,
A sign of peace from the heaven’s above,
Doing all this talking about this “so called love”.
Every time you say it’s love, it’s not.
You think you’re so hot.
Like the big man on campus who’s calling all the shots.
But that’s not true,
Because now I know what to do.

so....um. Yea. I'm not gonna enter this into YAWP!...tell me if i should or not.
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Long time no type...AKA "It's good to be back"   
05:53pm 26/01/2005
mood: relaxed
SOOO now that we're back in school, life is back to normal. Whatever normal was in the first place. I don't know why people always say that their high school years are some of the best they've ever had. I hate it. I hate Bird with a passion. But, i only have less than 6 months left...and then another four years (at least) of school. YIPPEE!

As if life wasn't getting any better...Prom is just around the corner. le sigh x2 And the pressure is on. There are already people around me talking about, and planning for the "big dance". you'd figure that I'd be more excited about it since it is the only dance I'll be allowed to go to in my whole teenage life. If not life in general...(but once i'm 18 i'll be free to make my own choices. yay) So all the people in the "group" i.e. all the girls/guys i hang out with on a day to day basis who have significant others are on freaking hormonal overtime! I mean as if they couldn't keep their hands off each other before, now that talk of prom is in the air, they really can't hold back. I'm sorry...that sounded a bit too bitter. I'm supposed to be the happy-go-lucky one in the group.(oh joy)

i hate how people have preconceived notions about you, before they even take the time to know you. I won't list any names...because the majority of the people (if not all of the people) that read my journal go to my school. So Caylyn...said that this girl that we were supposed to be hanging out with didn't think we (me and the girl) "clicked". sigh. And she also told me that I intimidated her. HAH me? intimidating anyone? that's a laugh. So...now we're all buddy buddy (me and the girl). and then Caylyn says that she thinks she's losing me as a friend. And that lately i've seemed like I was too cool to hang out with her. Again. HAH. as if i'm too cool, it would definately be the other way around. But we straightened everything away. Thank God, because I definately don't have enough drama in my life as it is with applying to colleges and what not (sarcasm for those who have followed this far.)

Um...I've made this aggreement with myself (sounds a bit strange i know. just work with me here) that I'm not going to like any boys in high school. Not that i'm going to turn lesbo and start liking girls...b/c that is never an option (for me at least). But yea. I've been...screwed with? I guess. too many times to try again. High school boys are not worth it. Or maybe i should say, boys during high school is not worth it. I think i'm going to focus as much as i can on school so i can get out of Virginia ASAP. O yeah. for those who don't know...I hate it here (in virginia) I want more than anything (besides...you know, a mustang) to go to New York. I may be a southern girl by birth, but i'm a New York-ian(EDIT: New York-er) at heart.

mmk. for those that actually read all this. Gold star for you. I'm not even sure I would've read all this...and i wrote it. So for now...(and i'm stealing this from what i hope is a dear friend) "Goodbye, Goodnight, Farewell" (and i seriously hope i didn't screw up the order...b/c he might just beat me up. lol. jay kay)

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let the snarkiness ensue   
09:28pm 20/12/2004
mood: flirty
The following conversation has been edited to keep the identities of those parties involved a secret...so ya.

Made inthe 8ties [8:49 P.M.]: sigh
Made inthe 8ties [8:49 P.M.]: i REALLY like *insert the boy's name here*
Made inthe 8ties [8:49 P.M.]: i mean it's ridiculous
Made inthe 8ties [8:50 P.M.]: usually when u don't see someone that u've been crushing on for a while
AngelEyezz060 [8:50 P.M.]: it goes away :)
Made inthe 8ties [8:50 P.M.]: it goes away....this hasn't gone away
AngelEyezz060 [8:50 P.M.]: you love your *insert the boy's name here*
AngelEyezz060 [8:50 P.M.]: hehehehe
Made inthe 8ties [8:50 P.M.]: shut up
Made inthe 8ties [8:50 P.M.]: lol
Made inthe 8ties [8:50 P.M.]: and what makes it...better? weirder?
Made inthe 8ties [8:51 P.M.]: i'm friends with his sister
Made inthe 8ties [8:51 P.M.]: he asked me today what I wanted for my birthday...
AngelEyezz060 [8:51 P.M.]: his sister is really sweet
AngelEyezz060 [8:51 P.M.]: YOU!
Made inthe 8ties [8:51 P.M.]: and I was SOOOO close to saying YOU
Made inthe 8ties [8:51 P.M.]: lol
Made inthe 8ties [8:51 P.M.]: i mean. i almost had to physically restrain myself
Made inthe 8ties [8:51 P.M.]: i think i might've said it...if that other girl wasn't there
AngelEyezz060 [8:52 P.M.]: pppsh *random girl*?
AngelEyezz060 [8:52 P.M.]: she's just the other dance captain
Made inthe 8ties [8:53 P.M.]: lol
Made inthe 8ties [8:53 P.M.]: oh my god jamila
Made inthe 8ties [8:53 P.M.]: i've got it REALLY bad.
Made inthe 8ties [8:53 P.M.]: it's terrible
Made inthe 8ties [8:53 P.M.]: sob
AngelEyezz060 [8:54 P.M.]: lol. i fully support this crush :)
Made inthe 8ties [8:54 P.M.]: haha. y?
AngelEyezz060 [8:55 P.M.]: ]bcuz i think he's awesome
Made inthe 8ties [8:56 P.M.]: sigh
Made inthe 8ties [8:56 P.M.]: me too
Made inthe 8ties [8:56 P.M.]: :'(

Later...about another boy

AngelEyezz060 [9:05 P.M.]: so when he gets really close, ill sliup you in somehow
Made inthe 8ties [9:06 P.M.]: i don't wanna be slipped in
AngelEyezz060 [9:06 P.M.]: no. to hook u up with him
AngelEyezz060 [9:06 P.M.]: nothing more
Made inthe 8ties [9:07 P.M.]: i don't wanna b hooked up
AngelEyezz060 [9:08 P.M.]: i want him off my balls
Made inthe 8ties [9:08 P.M.]: haha
Made inthe 8ties [9:08 P.M.]: i don't want him on mine tho
AngelEyezz060 [9:09 P.M.]: no, its just me being a bitch
Made inthe 8ties [9:09 P.M.]: haha
AngelEyezz060 [9:09 P.M.]: i dont like getting close to ppl, or guys getting close to me
Made inthe 8ties [9:09 P.M.]: i understand
Made inthe 8ties [9:09 P.M.]: i don't like guys getting close to me when i don't like them like that
Made inthe 8ties [9:09 P.M.]: see if it were *<insert the boy's name here*...it'd be different AngelEyezz060 [9:11 P.M.]: no, but im like that with guys i like too:-[ Made inthe 8ties [9:11 P.M.]: lol Made inthe 8ties [9:12 P.M.]: so we're the same on that aspect Made inthe 8ties [9:12 P.M.]: all right! AngelEyezz060 [9:13 P.M.]: thats why i dont have a boyfriend. i realize that. AngelEyezz060 [9:13 P.M.]: im not ugly or a freak AngelEyezz060 [9:13 P.M.]: i just need to get over myself Made inthe 8ties [9:15 P.M.]: haha Made inthe 8ties [9:15 P.M.]: amen. me too Made inthe 8ties [9:16 P.M.]: i think my thing is. i feel safer liking the guys who are already taken Made inthe 8ties [9:16 P.M.]: i think subconciously i already know they're taken even if i don't conciously know Made inthe 8ties [9:17 P.M.]: and if i like a guy who isn't taken....there's room to be rejected for a reason other than...he's already taken Made inthe 8ties [9:17 P.M.]: :-\ wow. i just psychoanalyzed myself AngelEyezz060 [9:17 P.M.]: lol. dude i think we have a fear of rejection Made inthe 8ties [9:18 P.M.]: i know i do Made inthe 8ties [9:18 P.M.]: which is why it's so weird that i wanna b an actress Made inthe 8ties [9:18 P.M.]: rejection all the time Made inthe 8ties [9:18 P.M.]: maybe it's because i know that waht doesn't kill you makes u stronger...and if i get rejected enough...i'll get over that fear. AngelEyezz060 [9:20 P.M.]: lol. we're not gonna be rejected. AngelEyezz060 [9:20 P.M.]: we're gonna be disney channel kids! Made inthe 8ties [9:20 P.M.]: YAY! Made inthe 8ties [9:20 P.M.]: i'll be a Kristen Bell Made inthe 8ties [9:21 P.M.]: i'll be 24, being able to be passed for a 16 year old without make up and a American Eagle shopping spree AngelEyezz060 [9:21 P.M.]: lol. if i were an actress, id play a middle school kid. hands down. Made inthe 8ties [9:21 P.M.]: it's the height hands down Made inthe 8ties [9:21 P.M.]: :-D AngelEyezz060 [9:22 P.M.]: yeah. stupid genes Made inthe 8ties [9:23 P.M.]: if i were an actress....i'd be the saucy new kid at the high school with all the snarky lines, and the really hot best friend who secretly has a crush on me...but I don't know it because i still just see him as my dorky best friend who i have burping contests and play video games with AngelEyezz060 [9:23 P.M.]: lol. omg. i would LOVE to play a nerd AngelEyezz060 [9:23 P.M.]: OMG. we could bein a high school drama Made inthe 8ties [9:24 P.M.]: haha Made inthe 8ties [9:24 P.M.]: we should AngelEyezz060 [9:24 P.M.]: hey g2g bb l8r Made inthe 8ties [9:24 P.M.]: mmk AngelEyezz060 [9:25 P.M.]: adios, Loser Made inthe 8ties [9:25 P.M.]: peace out dorkwad Made inthe 8ties [9:25 P.M.]: <3 AngelEyezz060 [9:25 P.M.]: heehee. Made inthe 8ties [9:25 P.M.]: our new pet names for each other AngelEyezz060 [9:25 P.M.]: Loser and Dorward Made inthe 8ties [9:25 P.M.]: yea AngelEyezz060 [9:25 P.M.]: i can see you being a snitch that nobody likes AngelEyezz060 [9:26 P.M.]: like the smart kid who acts popular but noone really likes them Made inthe 8ties [9:26 P.M.]: aww Made inthe 8ties [9:26 P.M.]: :-( Made inthe 8ties [9:26 P.M.]: i wanted to be the saucy new kid with all the snarky lines AngelEyezz060 [9:26 P.M.]: roles like that rock AngelEyezz060 [9:26 P.M.]: ppsh. cliche Made inthe 8ties [9:26 P.M.]: or at least the saucy new dork Made inthe 8ties [9:26 P.M.]: who was a fox on the down low AngelEyezz060 [9:26 P.M.]: shuttup. i g2g loser AngelEyezz060 [9:27 P.M.]: get on a soap opera, jess lol. days already did that with chloe AngelEyezz060 is away at 9:27 P.M. haha. one of the best conversations of my life.
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Jesus (and God) is (are) my hero(s)   
04:26pm 18/11/2004
mood: loved
My car broke down today...but the amazing part is it broke down at the top of my street. And the guy who usually fixes our cars lives around the corner, so he was there in like 2 minutes.

My wheel had been making all these sqeaking noises for some time now...and another mechanic was like..."it's nothing to be concerned about". well...the squeaking got louder, and turned into loud pops, and all of a sudden, my wheel won't move. and i'm like seriously freaking out. and I'm sitting in my car at the top of my street crying, becuase I almost made it home, and then my car broke.


George (the good mechanic dude) came and rescued me, and fixed it so I could get to my driveway and pull in, and he's going to come by tomorrow and fix it.

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06:06pm 17/11/2004
mood: relieved
life has been restored to its natural order once again. We have "kissed" and made up and all is right with the world.

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GAWD...I love my life!   
10:15pm 14/11/2004
mood: crazy
oh man...

The cast party for Up The Down Staircase was CRAZY. Let's just say there was A LOT of kissing going on. haha. And let's also say that I don't have VL's anymore I'm not one to kiss and tell, so I can't say who it was...and if it was a boy. lol. jay kay. Although that did happen to a couple of people. It was a crazy game of Dare or Dare...and spin the knife. haha.

What made me sad though, was that the one person that I did want to kiss, had a girlfriend...and I didn't know that. I'd been flirting w/ him for the whole play. (so that's like what? 3 or 4 weeks) and he was flirting back. But he wouldn't play spin the knife...which is good. I can't fault him for being a good boyfriend, even though I REALLY wanted to kiss him. haha.

The boy I lost my VL's to, lol. he stopped the knife on him. He made sure it hit him, it was soo cute. I laughed really hard.

I can not wait for the one acts, because those are just as crazy. And now I miss the play...I don't have anything to do after school, and that makes me sad.

I also had to belly dance on a chair for 30 seconds...and I was going to make the boy I kissed (who shall never be named...unless it's jamila who asks) dance with me, and he was going to...but they made us get off the chairs. (We were at Ledo Pizza).
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GAH! life chokes so hard   
07:13pm 27/10/2004
mood: indescribable
I am such a masochist(masochist n : someone who obtains pleasure from receiving punishment)...I must be, becuase there are no other explanations. I was going through Livejournal...randomly (yea right), and I come across journal entries for "he who shall not be named", and let's just say that once again, I'm just a tad incensed about quite a many of things. And I'm working on it...but I don't think I'll ever be done "working on it" until BPP asks me out....or someone else. sigh.

so yeah. moving on.

The play is awesome!!! you should all come see it, and mary, if your reading this bring BPP (pretty pants...), b/c I really want to see him. : D Caylyn and I are rocking out so hard on this thing, I am going to Broadway, and get out of Bumpkinville, USA (chesterfield). As soon as I can, I'm gone. Not enough good memories to keep me here. I don't know why, but I don't feel the need to stick around for anything. I mean, yes I have family here...but what are they good for? The only good ones are my mom and my sister, and they can come with me for all I care. The rest just suck at life, and are only good for hurting others (mainly me). Sure, I may have some friends here...but no one that I wouldn't just bring along. (tiff, jammy, kris, mary, cay, amelia)

Speaking of Amelia...she moved! ::cries:: she's in North Carolina right now, and we're all so sad. I keep expecting to see her at school, or in class, but I don't, and it's really depressing. She said that she'd come back for our cast party (which is in Nov.), and go with us to NY (in the spring), but that's not enough. I want my amelia! Micheal, poor Micheal. The kid is heartbroken. I've never seen him look so sad in my life. :-( they were really in love, like no lie. And they were the cutest couple. But at least she got Homecoming Queen before she left. At least that's something she can take to her new school. Amelia did what Caylyn, Jamila, and I only wish we could do. She got out. I feel like Virginia is a disease. I can only think of all the bad things that have happened here that make me want to leave even more. And the bad things that have happened elsewhere (Dallas). sob.

I'm making up for lost time in journal entries. It's definately been a couple of weeks.

I got a car.

for those who don't know...which isn't very many...if anyone. :-(

I've found out that I am absolutely addicted to grilled cheese sandwiches. :-X i feel really bad that I am. Not even something normal like....ice cream. (which I am addicted to also...go figure.)

Caylyn and I have determined that Choke is the new everything word. I mean, it's so great.

Dude, you are so choke (Translation: Dude you are so hot)


stop being such a tricky choke choke (Translation: stop being such a tricky ass bitch)

see...it's great

I'm grounded from the internet until report cards come out...so the rest of my entries will be few and far between. I might sneak on every now and then to comment or catch up on the lives of all my peeps...but for the next few weeks, i'll be nothing more than a memory. A shadow on the wall...

Wow. I'm a wall shadow. how deep and profound is that? It's like...choke.

:-D Briana and Julia are my new favorite people.

quote of the....w/e:

Caylyn: we are no longer the knights who say NEEE! We are now the Knights who say iche iche f-clang! :mumbles incoherantly::

HAHAH! Choking Amazing.
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I feel really smart and accomplished....   
06:55pm 27/10/2004
mood: pleased
okay...applying for scholarships and all that jazz online, and I got one for Horace Mann....and this is my essay.

(in 300 words or less)
Essay topic: What does the future of education look like?

If asked what the future would look like, right off the top of my head, I would say computers. It is just a given fact that most people believe that in the near or not so near future, the need to be computer literate will be great. Little do these people know, the future is really in education. Without education and teachers, the great minds of the future can not be accurately developed. Teachers are a very fundamental part of our society; and unfortunately, few people truly realize this. In the future, teachers are going to need to know more than they know now. They will need to know how to teach computer processing, engineering, and many more foreign languages than they currently
do; the present, and consequently the future demand it.
Since the beginning of time, we as humans have been learning anything and everything we can; from how to make a fire from sticks and stones, to how to write a 10 page research paper without a surplus of fluff. Everything around us is steadily evolving to fit the needs of the world as we know it today. Why not education also? Sadly enough, most educators are not paid as much as doctors or lawyers, yet they are just as (if not more) important. A Lawyer may help you win a case sometime in the future, and a Doctor may find the cure for cancer; but where would they be without education? The answer is no where. Without being taught how to properly argue someone’s case, or what chemical compounds to look for, neither the Doctors nor the Lawyers do us much good. The future is coming whether we like it or not, but are we ready?
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"Summertime, Summertime brought me back to thinking you were mine all those times..."   
09:34pm 11/10/2004
mood: nostalgic
ahh...the joys of friendship.

Made inthe 8ties: we don't ever talk, and that makes me sad
di rainmakr: awww
di rainmakr: me too
di rainmakr: lets talk
Made inthe 8ties: mmk
Made inthe 8ties: what about?
Made inthe 8ties: lol
di rainmakr: umm..i dunno
di rainmakr: think about a topic
Made inthe 8ties:
Made inthe 8ties: ummm....music?
di rainmakr: i like music
Made inthe 8ties: well that's good. i do too

haha. I love my friends.

Quote of the day (In Trig.):

Me: I have to pee...again.
Tiffany: mmk?
Me: I think I have diabetes...
Me: no seriously, I read it in Reader's Digest...That's what It means if you have to pee a lot.

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i adore brandon   
09:41pm 05/10/2004
mood: pleased
after like an hour...you get this

promisexkept [9:38 PM]: haha i surprised you
Made inthe 8ties [9:38 PM]: huh?
Made inthe 8ties [9:38 PM]: lol
promisexkept [9:38 PM]: nevermind
Made inthe 8ties [9:39 PM]: srry
Made inthe 8ties [9:39 PM]: i'm sleepy. blame my brain
promisexkept [9:39 PM]: ok
promisexkept [9:39 PM]: goot to sleep
Made inthe 8ties [9:39 PM]: i will mom
Made inthe 8ties [9:39 PM]: :-D
promisexkept [9:39 PM]: lol shut up
Made inthe 8ties [9:39 PM]: haha u know u like it
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i ♥ a gay boy... :-D   
07:33pm 05/10/2004
mood: artistic
Your eye color should be brown! You have a love and
knack for anything creative and artistic. You
can be a tad stubborn at times, but are an
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funny...I already have brown eyes...hmmm

My lj wedding by chynafox
you will marrycryyou_ariver
flower girlgracefulhonesty
best mansweetsunflowers
you will have your last fling withxmarxbearx
secretly wants to marry you themselfsurfnemokid
date of the weddingMay 10, 2007
number of times you do it on your wedding night69
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jamila...it's me and you baby! haha. 69 times....lmao
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two in one day...although this one is fairly insignificant :-)   
06:45pm 29/09/2004
mood: artistic
Name four bad habits you have:
1. procrastinating
2. being cynical
3. being critical (mostly about myself)
4. self consciousness

Name four things that you wish you had:
1. Unlimited sleep time;
2. A car;
3. More money;
4. a boyfriend that will take all the crappy stuff out of chex mix and give me the rest of the bag (haha)

Name four scents you love:
1. vanilla
2. my shampoo (herbal essences baby!)
3. baby stuff (powder, oil, lotion...babies in general)
4. Micheal (hehe. he smells really good)

Name four things you'd never wear:
1. A G-string... I'd go commando before I wore one of those, lol;<<agreed 2. high heeled chucks (high tops yes, high heels no) 3. A tube top; 4. Heavy makeup unless I had to for stage or photographs. <<agreed also Name four things that you have done today: 1. Taken an AP Gov. test; 2. spazzed at colorguard 3. flirted with...someone, don't really remember 4. Been quite cynical and biotchy to ppl Name the last four things you have bought: 1. starbursts 2. a mountain dew 3. a bag of bugles 4. GERMAN GUMMI CANDY. (OH EM EFF GEE!!! soo good) Name four people you would like to spend more time with: 1. hot boys (that's one person...btw); 2. Brandon Copeland 3. Amelia :-( 4. M2 (Mary Maile) Name four singers/groups most people don't know you like: 1. Jacobs ladder 2. Drake Bell 3. Dead Poetic (maybe ya'll know?) 4. The Elms Name four drinks you regularly drink: 1. sprite 2. Water; 3. smoothies (it's a drink of it's own ya'll_ 4. Some kind of juice. Name four random facts about yourself: 1. I live for performing (acting, dancing, singing, colorguard, etc.) 2. I adore little kids, as long as i don't have to keep them (i.e. they go home to their own parents) 3. I've never kissed a boy (as in i've kissed a girl....lol. jay kay), i've never kissed anyone, i've never bumped uglies, and my V card is completely intact 4. I'm addicted to dunkaroos
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